Codegene Software Solutions India Introduction
Codegene Software Solutions

Design, Development, Security

We Build Fast And Highly Scalable Web Applications that Are Custom Made Using Latest Web Technologies, delivering the best user experience!

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Services We Provide

We use cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are future-ready and scalable.

Web Development

Custom web development offers options for businesses who seek to provide a flexible, consistent experience.

Mobile Application

We are experts in developing fast and secure Android and IOS Mobile Application in Native.

Scalingup Applications

We are expertise in scaling up the existing web application with good user experience and security.

Project Management

Experts in Agile software development, our project manager will consistently monitor the project and forecast progress.

Blockchain Development

The Blockchain system is going to change your life from the way you transact business or manage assets.

API Services

We provide High Scalable, Flexible and Robust Rest Api/GraphQl for your Web Application/Mobile App.

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 About Codegene Software Solutions

About Us

CodeGene Software Solutions is an award-winning web development, digital design, and creative house. We've helped some of the most influential brands succeed. We've built some unique products, platforms & digital experiences.

CodeGene's founders came from the software security industry. All team members are familiar with security threats and know how to develop secure web and Scalable Applications. We take pride in our carefully written code.


How We Work

project sketch and designb by Codegene Software Solutions

Sketching & Designing

We plan to create rough Architecture of the software first and finalise the things.

Designing play a vital role in any software or web application .It should be appealing and attract viewers .

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development and coding by Codegene Software Solutions

Development & Coding

Using the latest encryption technologies and best coding practices, we ensure your application is secure against looming threats.

We create web applications that are fast and responsive, delivering the best user experience & leading to higher engagement.

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 project deployment and production by Codegene Software Solutions

Deployment & Production

Our team will deploy the application in development phase for the final Functionality Testing.

Finally the Application/software will deliver to the client.

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codegene Uses Nodejs to build fast and secure Backend Rest API's
codegene uses reactjs to build web applications for best user experience
codegene uses mongodb for highly scalable applications for faster and better data transfer and coonectivity
codegene uses pythion to build AI (Artificial Intelligence ) for websites
codegene uses redux for state management in the fron end for faster responce of mobile apps and web apps